Breakfasts and snacks at illa Carlemany: mouth-watering!

All under a single roof, the illa Carlemany shopping centre houses a vast and assorted selection of fashion and accessories shops, as well as a wide range of restaurants and cafés.

Located on floors 0 and 2, cafés and restaurants of different styles are affordable to all and cover every meal of the day: from breakfast to dinner, including late-morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, and even aperitifs to share in good company just before dinner.

And if you really take to heart the saying that “one must eat like a king for breakfast”, you will find sweet and savoury choices at both Starbucks and Dehesa SantaMaría, where the coffee and the freshly-squeezed orange juice with pastries or small savoury sandwiches are sure to give you the strength you need to face a day of shopping at Andorra’s centre. On floor 2, CafèPans has a nice menu of food and drink to start off the day properly. Moreover, this café also has a lovely outdoor terrace.

If you’re looking to stop and rest between shops in the late afternoon, the Yoghourtería by Danone is a great idea. Located on floor 2, this shop offers frozen yoghurt with a range of different toppings, including mini cookies, chocolate shavings and cut fruit, allowing guests to build their own frozen treats to their liking. What’s more, this shop is also known for its waffles.

In a word, the food choices at illa Carlemany are simply mouth-watering!

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Illa Carlemany