Sunglasses: from necessity to fashion accessory

Sunglasses are like flowers in spring, an unmistakable sign that we’re at the height of the season. Yet when it comes to selecting them, there is one essential feature that must be taken into account: the quality of the lenses. Beyond the aesthetics, sunglasses must fulfil their primary function: protecting us from the sun. Hence, the glasses we wear must have a certificate of compliance and 100% UV protection or UV 400 filters. Once we know that the product is technically appropriate and advisable, we can then explore the world of fashion.

Just as there are style trends for clothing, there are also trends for sunglasses. So, what’s in vogue for this summer? All the fashion gurus are going for thick frames in vivid colours, prints and exaggerated looks. Yet ultra-thin metallic structures are also in, and some models even include rhinestones.

They’re showing large geometrical frames ranging from squared and rectangular to rounded and hexagonal, with classic lenses in smoky grey, brown and black, as well as more exaggerated shades, like pink, green and blue. Mirrored and coloured lenses are also still popular.

This year’s trends also include models with a retro 1970s feel, with an evolved aviator look, as well tiny-style formats—rectangular and oval—, and particularly, the “cat-eye” model, with its airs of sophistication and elegance.

If you haven’t yet bought your sunglasses for the season, illa Carlemany, Andorra’s centre, has several different specialised shops. On the ground floor, you’ll find Quars—where the emphasis is on fashion—, and Oakley, which offers a wide range of technical eyewear for sports enthusiasts; and on floor 0, the optician’s Alain Afflelou offers sunglasses, as well as prescription glasses, contact lenses and eye tests.

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