Handbags, a way of life at illa Carlemany

When we talk about what they’ll be wearing this autumn, we usually think of articles of clothing. That said, accessories—starring the handbag as the central piece— also follow the trends and greatly define the style of those who carry them.

illa Carlemany has a number of different shops that are either partially or fully dedicated to accessories, and handbags in particular. Brands such as Liu·Jo (ground floor) and Guess (floor 1) feature them in their collections, with a well-deserved styling that helps to reinforce the brand philosophy. Alex Boutique and Tango (ground floor) offer pieces with matching footwear and leather goods by brands including Loewe, Moschino, Donna Karan and Michael Kors. When all is said and done, matching the handbag with a pair of shoes is an essential of styling.

A close look at the history of the handbag will reveal the changes that this accessory has undergone through the years in terms of its utility, its manufacture and its aesthetic.

Hence, the customisation of the handbag, as proposed by the Italian brand OBag —which can also be found in the shopping centre—, used to be commonplace when manufacture was on a by-order basis. This gave each accessory a personal touch in keeping with the fashionable styles of the time. With the incursion of the great fashion designers of the 20th century, the handbag took a major turn, hitting a milestone with Coco Chanel and Hermès, with mythic creations that became popular by the hand of icons like Grace Kelly –people we’d refer to as “influencers” today.

The social changes of the 1960s led to the inclusion of knapsacks, sacks and satchel-type bags in the accessories catalogue, as a sign of a new life philosophy. Today, these pieces also have their places in shop windows. After all, as they often say, everything comes back, … yet in a more updated version.


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