THE OWNER, GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, S.L.U. – Av. Carlemany, 68–AD700- ESCALDES- ENGORDANY (PRINCIPALITY OF ANDORRA); undertakes to protect the privacy of users accessing this website and/or any of its services. Use of the website and/or any of the services offered by THE OWNER implies the user’s agreement to the provisions set forth in this Privacy Policy and to their personal data being processed as stipulated herein. Please bear in mind that while there may be links on our website to other sites, the Privacy Policy does not apply to other companies or organisations’ websites to which you may be redirected in this way. THE OWNER does not control the content of third-party websites or accept any kind of liability for the content or privacy policies of these sites. 





ILLA CARLEMANY shopping centre processes the identifying data supplied by consumers for different purposes: on the one hand, for sending information to consumers who request it in the form of the newsletter, processing incidents or complaints and keeping consumers informed about the activities of the shopping centre, and on the other for maintaining the security of the shopping centre.

Likewise, if the consumer takes part in a competition, draw or other activity organised by the centre, their data will be used to run the event (draw, competition, etc.); the centre may possibly process the said data to send information about its activities. Furthermore, the centre may process the data in the user’s image if the event requires this information; it can do so as the user has agreed to grant their image rights, with no geographical or time limit, by filling in the form. This grant of rights may be revoked at any time. 

You are informed that the legitimate basis for processing is consent and fulfilment of the contractual relationship and, where this is not applicable, legitimate interest and also, where appropriate, maintenance of security.

The shopping centre respects the confidentiality of personal data but, if necessary, these will be passed to the authorities in compliance with its legal obligations.

The data are kept as long as the contractual relationship for which they were collected lasts, providing the subject does not object to their processing, or for as long as is necessary to meet the shopping centre’s legal obligations in the event that any liability might arise.



Video surveillance data


In the shopping centre there are security cameras that are duly announced at the entrances to the centre and on internal totems. The data collected by the cameras is stored for a maximum of 30 days. The shopping centre guarantees the strict confidentiality of the processing of these data and only passes them on to official bodies and agents of authority that request them, as well as to insurers where they absolutely need to access the information to process a loss.

The legitimate basis for processing is maintenance of security at the shopping centre and fulfilment of its legal obligations.




GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, S.L.U. (hereinafter CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY) will handle your data with total confidentiality at all times and will uphold the mandatory duty of secrecy regarding such data, in accordance with that set forth in the current applicable data protection regulations under Law 29/2021 and Decree 391/2022, and for such purpose, taking all the necessary technical and organisational measures to guarantee the security of your data and to prevent its modification, loss, or unauthorised processing or access, bearing in mind the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed. Specifically, GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, S.L.U. (the Data Controller) has taken the relevant and mandatory measures stipulated in the personal data protection legislation relating to: staff duties and responsibilities, the recording of events, the management of supports and documents, access control, identification and authentication, back-up and recovery. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in other cases, CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY will adopt the necessary and mandatory measures pursuant to local regulations. The documentation will be available at the request of the User or Customer, by means of the habitual channels of contact set forth in our Privacy Policy and Legal Notice. 


1. Type of data we process and purposes of processing.

In compliance with the principle of data limitation, our organisation will only request and process the data necessary to perform the specified tasks. Below, we provide a breakdown of the types of data that we process:


Condition Type of data
Website User Identification of connection
Customer Identification: email and telephone


2. Source of data.

The personal data we process is provided directly by the interested party or by their legitimate representative, who guarantees the veracity and authenticity thereof. CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY will not assume any liability whatsoever for the inaccuracy or lack of veracity of the data received, and expressly reserves the right to take any action to which it may be entitled, to enforce its rights or to verify the User’s age, particularly when the User employs the online ticket sales system that has been set up at this website, as such transaction is governed by its specific regulations.


3. Term of data storage.

Your data will only be stored for the indispensable amount of time to carry out the requested tasks, which are as follows:

-Those stemming from the administrative and sales processing of your condition as a Customer;

-Those of a general (unregistered) User of our services and website, unless the User opposes or revokes their consent to the treatment thereof;

-Those for which a different term of storage is set forth by Law;

– Those which must be stored to address possible claims. In such cases, such data will be stored and duly blocked to guarantee their security and confidentiality;

-If you consent to receiving possible information that may be of interest to you and which will always be provided in accordance with such interest.


4. Legal grounds for data processing.

Article 6 of Law 29/2021, of 28 October, which is known as the Personal Data Protection Law (LQPD), sets forth the legal grounds for the lawful processing of the personal data of interested parties. In our case, such data will be as follows:


Condition Type of data
Web User Connection identification

•      Administrative management of the contractual relation pertaining to the sale of admission tickets, both in person and online.

•      Commercial management of Customers, with prior consent.

•      Reply to queries.


5. Data transfer.

Your data will not be disclosed to third parties, except when so required by law or when conveyance thereof is necessary as a support for the performance of the tasks stated herein, such as, by way of example, for business marketing companies, providers of electronic messaging services, commercial sales platforms or companies belonging to this business group, for their internal management.

5.1 Online admission ticket sales.

Our website enables admission tickets to be purchased online. The handling and processing of such sales are carried out through a subcontracted platform. The information of such platform is contained in the Sale Conditions. CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY will not share your data with such platform. Instead, your data will remain on the CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY server at all times. Nevertheless, CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY will check to verify compliance with all the technical and organisational measures necessary, to guarantee the security of the personal data and compliance with the other obligations required by law, particularly the security and confidentiality of data, by undersigning with such third parties the corresponding data control and data processing agreements.


6. Rights.

As a data subject, you are entitled at any time to know if we are processing your data. You are similarly entitled to exercise your rights to rectification, deletion, limitation and opposition regarding the processing of your data, and to request the portability thereof. For further information, please consult our Privacy Policy. If you feel that your rights have not been properly addressed, you may submit a complaint to our DPD, Berta Faura, by sending an email to

6.1 How can you exercise your rights?

This procedure is free of charge. As a User, you must simply send an email to our DPD at and attach a copy of your identification card. In the subject, indicate “DPD”. As soon as we receive your request, we will process it and you will receive our reply.



These Clauses govern the CONDITIONS between GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, S.L.U. (hereinafter also referred to as CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY) and the users of its services, while also setting forth the service conditions and the contract terms.

We recommend that you read these terms thoroughly, as the use of our services implies their acceptance. If you do not agree with them or have any questions, please contact us via email at:


1.1 Identification of the owner of the service.

The owner of the service is GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, S.L.U. (hereinafter CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY). For further information on the manager of the service, please consult our Legal Notice.


1.2 Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

This document constitutes an agreement between the service provider, CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY, and the undersigned User, who may also be referred to as the Customer or the Purchaser throughout these Conditions, which encompass the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, as well as the Privacy Policy, this document, and any other document attached hereto (notice, addendum, amendment and/or modification).

The Agreement defines Users or Customers as those who use our services and purchase ADMISSION TICKETS or POPCORN MENUS by means of the website

The use or purchase of our products is subject to the Privacy Policy, which describes the way we compile, use, disclose and manage all information provided by the User.

By accessing and using the User account or any other service offered, the User understands, accepts and agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, and understands and accepts the published Privacy Policy.

If you do not agree with the contents of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, please do not use our services.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, the User agrees with the following:

  • They have the legal power to enter into an agreement and accept that this Agreement is legally binding for both parties.
  • This Agreement shall remain in force and effect even if any of its clauses and/or provisions is declared to be incompatible with the Law or is deemed inapplicable.


1.3 Validity and modifications of the Service Conditions.

These Conditions were drafted in February 2024 and will come into force immediately as of their publication on our website.

CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice, in accordance with current legislation, including economic conditions, whether for legal, technical, operational, economic, service or market reasons or as a result of the organisation or needs of the service, as well as any modifications that aim to adapt these Terms and Conditions to fluctuations in our business activity or to variations in the market. In such cases, we will inform you of such modifications so that you may accept them and continue to be a User of our website.



Our website is designed for users of full legal age (eighteen years of age or older) who have the legal power to enter into an agreement for an online purchase process. In the case of simple browsing (without purchase), the website is appropriate for browsing by minors, although it is recommended that their legal guardians monitor their browsing, as certain trailers may be inappropriate for minors. In this sense, CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY will not be held responsible for the viewing of inappropriate content by someone under legal age or for any purchases made without the consent of their legal guardian.

At you can purchase the admission tickets to any of the films under our theatre listings. Similarly, alongside your admission tickets, you may purchase any of the products or menus from our refreshment stand. If you purchase both types of items (tickets and food/drink), you will need to present the purchase receipt that you receive via email, to obtain your menu on the day of the film showing.


2.1 Purchasing process.

Before the payment process begins, the User will be requested the basic information that will enable their admission tickets to be sent to them via email (even if the User is automatically redirected to their tickets when the purchase process is concluded), as well as their telephone number, which we will save for the sole purpose of any unforeseen incidents in the session, etc.

The requested basic information (email and telephone number) is saved on the CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY server when the purchase is made, and it is not conveyed to third parties. It is also important to underscore that these data will solely be used to send communications strictly related to CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY, directly to the User’s email or telephone, unless the User indicates that they are NOT INTERESTED in such communication by marking the selection box in the same section. If the NOT INTERESTED box is left unmarked, we will understand that the User gives their express consent to receive updated communications from the cinema: scheduling, special events, advantages, services, etc.


For further information on the use of the User’s data, please consult the Privacy and Data Protection Policy of the website and applications.

Consent to receive electronic notifications will remain in force until the contractual relationship is dissolved, and such relationship can only be brought to an end by expressly requesting to be unsubscribed from the database at GESTORA DEL CENTRE CARLEMANY, S.L.U. To do so, please send an email to

It is the User’s responsibility to provide accurate data that enable CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY to provide the service adequately and to keep the User up to date, and specifically, for the correct communication with the User.

CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY reserves the right to rescind or change the Terms and Conditions by means of which the electronic communications are provided. Such Terms and Conditions will be duly communicated in accordance with the applicable legislation.

CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY will confidentially receive any comments, incidents, complaints or suggestions sent by its users at the email address

CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY reserves the right to modify or temporarily interrupt access to any service, with or without prior notice, at any time that it believes that such service is being used negligently or wrongly. The corresponding interested party will be duly informed of such situation.


2.2 Pricing.

The prices of the products shown on our website are in Euros and include the corresponding taxes. The listed prices are the applicable prices at the time a purchase is made. The admission tickets will be sent to the User via email.


2.3 Methods of payment.

Payment can be made using a bank card on a Secure Payment System (SPS) provided by MoraBanc.

The foregoing SPS is governed by the regulations and policies of the authorising centres and financial institutions for compliance with payment method integration and security regulations, in addition to compliance with the data protection regulations.

CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY does not have access to your payment data or bank details.


2.4 Confirmation of the purchase and issuance of the invoice.

Once CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY has received the sum corresponding to your purchase, we will send the admission ticket/s to the email address that appears on the previously completed form.

If the Customer does not correctly receive the admission tickets at the corresponding email address when the payment has been effectively made, the Customer has two possible options:

-The advisable option is to request the tickets in person at CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY, where tickets can be issued physically with no problem at all.

-If the payment did not go through to the CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY bank account, this means that the purchase was NOT successful and the purchase process will have to be performed again from the start. If the Customer wishes to receive an invoice in electronic format, they must request it by sending an email to and enclosing the admission tickets in such email. The email message must also include the Customer’s tax information.


2.5 Application of discounts.

CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY has several different discounts that can be consulted in the Advantages section of the website.

These discounts are available to the Users who form part of one of the clubs or groups that are entitled to discounts. To enjoy such discounts, Users must present an identification document that demonstrates that they form part of the corresponding club or group, as well as their passport or national identity card, so that the card holder and the User’s identity can be checked.


Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers.


No discount whatsoever will be applied in the following cases:

-Special events such as the broadcast of a concert, a play, etc., where the admission tickets have a single and specific price.

-Discount Day, which is on Wednesdays that do not coincide with holidays or the eves of holidays.

-Admission tickets to films in Catalan, which already have a reduced price.


Cinemes Illa Carlemany reserves the right to not apply a discount in the following cases:

-If the User presents an expired accrediting document.

-If the User presenting the document is not the official holder of the document or is acting on behalf of the actual holder.

– If the User presents an accrediting document in such poor condition that the validity or holder name is illegible and cannot be verified.

– If the User does not additionally present a valid national ID card, if so requested.



The right to renounce entry will not be applicable to the purchase of admission tickets to see a film or a show on a specific date, except in cases provided for by the Law, such as the suspension, postponement or substantial change in the event or viewing session. In the event of cancellation or substantial modification of the film for which the ticket has been purchased, please contact CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY by e-mail at and CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY will refund the money.


With regard to the exchange of tickets, CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY always acts in good faith and in all cases will analyse the situation presented and will do its utmost to attend to the specific needs of its customers. However, this is not a guarantee of the exchange of the ticket. A review of the situation will be required and an exchange can only be processed if the viewing session has not taken place due to reasons related to the cinema itself.


CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY does not allow for exchanges or returns due to causes unrelated to the Company, nor will it assume any responsibility in the following cases:

-Loss of admission tickets;

-The User’s non-attendance on the date and at the specific time of an envisaged showing;

-The Customer’s error when selecting the seats, the film, the showing time or the date.

-If the person has applied any sort of discount, failure to provide accreditation of the condition that entitles them to such discount upon presentation of the admission ticket.


In the event of an error on the website or other errors arising from the use thereof that fall under the responsibility of CINEMES ILLA CARLEMANY, the Customer may request the exchange of the tickets or the refund of the full amount of the purchase. To submit such request, the Customer must send their tickets to with an explanation of the case.

In the case of refreshment stand products purchased online, exchanges or refunds will be allowed upon presentation of the corresponding purchase receipt, providing that the product has NOT been consumed or used and providing that the viewing session has not taken place.

For hygiene reasons, no exchanges or refunds will be made once the products are in the customer’s hands.

In the case of sealed products, they can only be returned if the seal has not been altered or removed and providing that they are in the same condition in which they were handed over to the Customer. In all such cases, the purchase receipt must be presented.



The use of this website implies the total acceptance of the terms of its Privacy Policy and Sale Conditions and its Data Protection Policy.

To all intents and purposes, these Sale Conditions are exclusively governed by the laws of the Principality of Andorra. All users of the website, regardless of the regional jurisdiction corresponding to the place from which they access the website, hereby accept the performance and enforcement of these clauses.

All the information and documentation available on this website in languages other than Catalan is provided solely for informative purposes. In the event of a discrepancy between the contents of a version in a language other than Catalan and the original Catalan version, the Catalan version shall prevail.





If a consumer lodges a complaint for any reason using the pertinent form or as a formal complaint, you are informed that the shopping centre will use the data solely to settle the complaint and will not transfer them to any third parties, unless the complaint requires such revelation, and for this purpose only. The data supplied will be kept for as many years are necessary to meet legal obligations, until the object of the complaint prescribes. The legitimate basis for processing is in any case compliance with legal obligations, or if not, consent.



CV – candidates’ data


If a data subject has sent their curriculum vitae to the shopping centre as a potential candidate to work at the centre or the shops there, the shopping centre will use the data exclusively to handle their application and will not transfer them to any third parties, except the aforesaid third parties and solely for this purpose. The data supplied will be kept for 6 months. The legitimate basis for processing is the consent granted by the owner of the CV who sent it to the shopping centre using the pertinent form.




The wifi network in the shopping centre is completely free to access.

When you register to use it, with your prior consent you allow illa Carlemany shopping centre to process your data in order to send you information about the centre which it considers to be of interest to you.

If you do not wish to receive this information, you can ask us to de-register you and stop sending you it at any time. To do this, all you have to do is to email our DPO with your request ( or send it in a letter to the postal address: GESTORA DEL CC ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU, Av. de Carlemany, 68, oficines de l’edifici d’illa Carlemany, despatx 501, AD700 ESCALDES-ENGORDANY (ANDORRA).

The wifi zone in the shopping centre makes no guarantee of any kind regarding the availability and functionality of this free service. When they use the free wifi service, users recognise that the shopping centre takes no responsibility for the security and integrity of data or the security of users’ systems. Users are responsible for the security of their systems and for the use of coding technology when they use email. Furthermore, users are responsible for ensuring the right setup and parameters for their devices. The shopping centre reserves the right to withdraw the wifi service completely, to modify its conditions or technology or to make it a paying service with no prior notice.

The shopping centre wifi zone network is only available for clients of the shopping centre who register for it.



Questions about privacy:


In accordance with the Andorran data protection act, law 29/2021 of 28th October 2021 (LQPD), and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th April 2016 (GDPR), you are offered the following information regarding the processing of your personal data: 


  1. Who controls the processing of your data? 

The OWNER: Our details are shown at the start of this legal notice. 

  1. For what purpose are your personal data processed?
  • We process the information supplied to us to provide and invoice our services and products. 
  • If you give us your consent we can also process your data to send you our newsletter and information about our activities, products or services. 
  • If you take part in any of our draws and/or competitions we will publish your name and surname, as well as your picture if appropriate, on the different communication and dissemination channels and media we use, including social networks, with the aim of promoting our activities, services and products.
  1. For how long will we keep your data?

The personal data supplied will be kept while you are a user of our services or want to receive information about them, and subsequently for the periods stipulated to fulfil our legal obligations. 

  1. What is the legitimacy for processing your data?

The legal basis for processing your data is the consent you give us.  

With regard to information sent to us by those under 16 years old, they will be taken to have done so with the consent of their legal representatives. If not, the legal representative of the minor must inform us as soon as they become aware of this.  

  1. To whom will we pass on your data?

The data will not be passed on to any third parties unless the law so requires or it is necessary to fulfil the purpose of processing. 

  1. What are your rights when you supply us with your data?
  • Any person is entitled to obtain confirmation of whether or not we are processing their personal data. 
  • Data subjects are entitled to access their personal data, as well as requesting the rectification of inaccurate data or, if appropriate, requesting their erasure when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected. 
  • In certain circumstances data subjects may request restriction of the processing of their data; in this event we will only keep them to make or respond to complaints. Or for the administrative, fiscal and accounting management of the services provided.
  • Also, in certain circumstances and for reasons related to their individual position, data subjects may object to the processing of their data. In this case we will cease to process them, except for binding legitimate reasons or to make or respond to any complaints. 
  • Data subjects are also entitled to the portability of their data. 
  • Finally, data subjects are entitled to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. 
  1. How can you exercise your rights?

By writing to us, attaching a copy of a document identifying yourself, at our physical or electronic address.  

Identifying details of the data controller:  GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, S.L.U. L-701412-V  – Av. Carlemany, 68  –AD700- ESCALDES-ENGORDANY –PRINCIPAT D’ANDORRA 

Tel.+376.892 000

Email of our data protection delegate: Berta Faura


  1. How did we obtain your data?

The personal data we process are supplied by the data subject, who guarantees that the personal data they provide are true and takes responsibility for notifying us of any change in them. The data requested or marked with an asterisk are obligatory in order to provide you with the requested service. 

  1. What data do we process?

The data categories we may process are: 

  • Identifying data. 
  • Postal or electronic addresses. 
  • Other data requested in our forms. 

The data are limited, as we only process those necessary to provide our services and manage our business. 

  1. Do we use cookies?

We use cookies for browsing our website, with the user’s informed consent. The user can configure their browser to warn them of the use of cookies and stop them being used. For further information, visit our Cookie Policy.  

  1. What security measures to we apply?

We take the security measures stipulated in Article 35 of the Andorran data protection act concerning security and confidentiality of processing, and those stipulated in Article 32 of the GDPR concerning security of processing. We have therefore taken the security measures necessary to guarantee a level of security appropriate to the risk in our processing of the data, with mechanisms enabling us to guarantee the constant confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of our processing systems and services. 


  1. These measures include the following: 
  • Informing employees of our data processing policies. 
  • Making regular backup copies. 
  • Control of access to the data. 
  • Ongoing, regular verification, supervision, assessment and evaluation processes. 





THE OWNER acts with the maximum diligence possible to ensure that the data and information offered on its website are up to date at all times, though it makes no guarantee and accepts no liability for the accuracy and currency of the content of the website, and reserves the right to modify this content at any time. Nor will THE OWNER be responsible for the information to be found through links included on the website. 


The website and its services are provided on an indefinite basis.

Notwithstanding the above, GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, S.L.U. reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or stop provision of the website or any of the services of which it is made up.


GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, S.L.U.,  gives no guarantee and accepts no liability under any circumstances for any damages of whatever kind that may be suffered as a result of:

  • A lack of availability, maintenance or effective functioning of the website and/or its services and content.
  • In the event that the website and/or its service or content are no use, inadequate or invalid to meet user’s specific needs, activities or results or expectations.
  • The existence of viruses or malicious or harmful software in the content.
  • Reception, obtaining, storage, dissemination or transmission by users of the content.
  • Any use of the website, its services or content by users that is illicit, negligent, fraudulent or contrary to good faith, generally accepted practice or public order.
  • Any illicitness or lack of quality, reliability, usefulness and availability of the services provided by third parties and sites placed at users’ disposal on the website.
  • Any breach by third parties of their obligations or commitments with regard to the services provided for users through the website.


Commercial relations with clients will be governed by any general conditions that might be established by THE OWNER in a specific document for this purpose, or by any specific agreements that might be made with clients. 





Use of this website implies full agreement with the terms of this legal notice. Any conflicts concerning this website are to be governed exclusively by the laws of the Principality of Andorra. All users of the website, regardless of the territorial jurisdiction from which they access it, agree to abide by and respect these clauses, expressly waiving any other forum that might pertain to them. 


All information and documentation available in languages other than Catalan on this website is provided for information purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between the content of the version in languages other than Catalan and that of the original version in Catalan, the latter will prevail.





All the content of the website and application, including but not limited to texts, photographs, images, icons and links as well as their graphic design and source code (hereinafter the “Contents”) are the intellectual property of GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU, or of third parties, and none of the rights to use recognised by current intellectual property regulations in respect of the said Contents may be understood to have been granted to the user, except to the extent strictly necessary to use the website and application.


Brands, trade names or distinctive signs are the property of GESTORA DEL CC ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU, or of third parties, and access to the website and/or application cannot be understood to confer any rights in respect of the said brands, trade names and/or distinctive signs.


Should GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU, refer to third-party links, advertising or websites, it is under no obligation either to monitor or approve, or to make its own the services, contents, data, articles, products or material of any kind existing on the third-party web pages or sites, for which reason GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU, will not be liable under any circumstances for the legality of third-party content; the third party in question bears sole responsibility for, but not limited to, the public legality, morality and order of the contents, and that they do not infringe any third-party rights.


The existence of a link does not presuppose any relationship between GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU, and the owner of the website linked to. Any users or third parties wishing to link to the website of GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU, must guarantee that the said link allows access to the pages or services of the GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU, website but does not, among other things, reproduce content, deep-links, browsers, inaccurate or misleading statements about the content or the website

As well as the signs that form part of the link, the user must ensure that the website on which the link is created does not contain brands, trade names, store signs, names, slogans or any other kind of distinctive sign that belong to GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU, In short, this legal notice only affects the website of GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU, and not any other websites that might be visited through links, or links to other websites or content belonging to GESTORA DEL CENTRE ILLA CARLEMANY, SLU.

Illa Carlemany