A journey into the past of Andorra, from home

In these weeks that we must stay at home, different initiatives have come up to enable us to spend our confinement time learning, discovering and enjoying poetry, music, painting, theatre and cinema, among others, via computer or mobile phone. The world of culture offers countless initiatives, and at illa Carlemany, The Centre in Andorra, we want to add to them. And so, we propose a trip into the past of Andorra.

The National Archive of Andorra (Arxiu Nacional d’Andorra) website offers access to documentary material that is sure to entertain you for a while; but even better, it will enable you to learn more about Andorra. Simply click on https://www.cultura.ad/arxiu-nacional-d-andorra/arxius-en-linia to access the online archives, a whole showcase of sound, photographs and audiovisuals.

There is so much material available that we’re sure you can spend as much time as you like there. The website offers documents  that have been kept on record at the National Archive of Andorra: antique documents, snapshots and audiovisual footage that will afford insight into the evolution of the country and Andorran society, the people of these areas, their customs and festivals, the way they used to live, dress and spend their time, historic moments, the impact of tourism, and more.

At the same website, you can access a collection of sound documents from a record catalogue that includes music, advertising and official speeches, among other oddities. The virtual exhibit section, created in 2003, is made up of ten exhibitions, with photos arranged by theme and all sorts of explanations.

Without a doubt, this is a very interesting way to delve into the past of Andorra. A great resource that we at illa Carlemany recommend, so that you can embark on a journey into the past of this small country, from the comfort of your home.



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