Enjoying Andorra’s evenings with dinner at home on the terrace

With the coronavirus lockdown, real estate experts warn that the criteria have changed when it comes to choosing a home, whether for rental or purchase. More than ever before, a terrace has become a treasure, enabling occupants to enjoy the outdoors without ever leaving home.

It is also a feature to be taken into account when renting an apartment for a few days of holiday time in Andorra. The terrace is the ideal place to spend the late afternoons and evenings. After all, if there’s one good thing about the summers here, among many others, it’s the comfortable temperatures at sundown. Evenings are a great time of the day to use this outdoor space as the backdrop to share pleasures for the palate around a well-laid table.

A sweet foie gras, a platter of assorted cheeses or a salad with a mixture of colourful ingredients. You’ll find all this at Caprabo supermarket in illa Carlemany. And be sure to stop at the marinade counter; it’s a true display of delicacies that will absolutely make your mouth water.

If you need expert advice on wines, head over to Cal Marquet. This famous Andorran shop, located on floor 0 of the shopping centre, is the temple of wine, cava and champagne. Guillem Marquet will recommend the best option for your table, from among the world-wide selection that fills his wine shop.

And to round off your dinner, a nice coffee will definitely do the trick. Of course, if coffee keeps you up at night, you can always opt for the Decaffeinato capsule range at the Nespresso Boutique, on the shopping centre’s ground floor. This way, you can savour the aroma and wonderful flavour without losing any sleep!

Bon Appetit!

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