Dogs have their place at illa Carlemany!

Dogs have their place at illa Carlemany!

The shopping centre allows dogs on leads into public areas as long as the premises are kept clean and recommendations on things like the use of escalators are followed. illa Carlemany also has an establishment devoted to pets, offering a wide range of products and accessories for their welfare: Hunter by Yorky’s.

The responsibility of having a pet

Having a pet is not the same as having a toy. You need to think very carefully before getting one, because as well as the cost of veterinary care, they involve a commitment to fulfil certain responsibilities. And now that Christmas is just around the corner, you should think especially hard about giving cats, dogs, tortoises or hamsters as gifts, because many of them end up being abandoned after a certain time, as having a pet means work, commitment and obligations.

Are all pets a good idea?

No. If you finally decide to have a pet, you have to decide what kind you want to take on, depending on the care it needs and your lifestyle. A cat isn’t the same as a dog, and a small dog isn’t the same as a big one, or a fish, a bird or a reptile. You need to be realistic: if you live in a small apartment, it’s better to opt for a small dog; if you like to travel a lot, what are you going to do with the dog when you’re away?

Adopt or buy?

What a dilemma! There are a lot of abandoned animals waiting for a second chance. On the other hand, if you opt to buy one you need to make sure the process is properly legal, so that you aren’t cheated by animal traffickers.

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