New Year’s resolution: I’m definitely going to the gym!

New Year’s resolution: I’m definitely going to the gym!

Between company dinners, gatherings with friends and family celebrations, we’ve had nearly a month of heavy meals, too much sugar and an unrestrained diet. It’s now time to get back to the routine and, of course, hit the gym once and for all!


Practicing sport: a resolution that promotes health

It’s hard at first, but when you get the hang of it, the rewards of regular exercise are immense. Exercise is crucial to preventing cardiovascular disease, improving sleep quality and relieving stress. And of course, when you combine it with a healthy diet, you’ll get increasingly more motivated as you see the results.


Setting realistic objectives

If you want to get hooked on doing sport regularly, you must set realistic goals. While it would be ideal to start the day with exercise, if it’s hard for you to get up in the morning, it is better to find another time of the day. And if you have to travel a long way to get to the gym, it’s better to find one closer to home. The more convenient it is, the more you’ll feel like going.


Having a personalised training plan

Managing to practice sport for an hour three times a week is a big step towards making exercise a habit and moving on to greater goals. To achieve your objectives, you need to set up a training plan custom-designed by expert professionals, which takes into account your health, the objectives themselves and the time you are willing to invest. Moreover, it’s important to monitor and evaluate your progress and results.


Gimnàs Next is your solution: now fully refurbished, it has a great professional team

Located on floor 2 of the illa Carlemany shopping centre, the Next gym is kicking off the year with completely renovated facilities, new equipment, and, as always, a great team of professionals who are there to provide guidance and instruction. What’s more, the gym has extended its hours and is open seven days a week, so there is no excuse that will stand in the way of achieving your resolution to go to the gym.

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