Looking after your skin in winter

In Andorra in winter, the cold, the wind, the snow, the rain and the change in temperature between outdoors and indoors, where it’s often over-heated, are bad for your skin. Irritation, redness and dryness are the most obvious symptoms, so you need remedies to moisturise and repair your skin.

At the illa Carlemany shopping centre you can find good advice and products and treatments for skin care at Galeno, at Júlia Perfumeries, at Rituals and at Centros Ideal. If you also stick to the preventive habits and precautions we share below, you can keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Water, moisturising cream and barrier cream

Your lips need moisturising too!

Drinking water is the natural way to stay hydrated; putting on plenty of moisturising cream often helps to protect your skin cells and restore their barrier function. The best are the ones with a high urea, lanolin and vaseline content, and the best time to put them on is after showering, though it’s advisable to use them several times a day.

In summer we always use barrier cream and in winter we need to do the same with moisturiser, especially if we’re going skiing in the mountains and ski slopes of Andorra, because UV rays are reflected from the snow and can cause skin burns.

Small habits, big benefits

Extreme water temperatures in the shower are not good for the skin. Neither scalding in winter nor freezing in summer: it’s advisable to use lukewarm water and not to spend too long under the shower – especially if the water comes out under pressure – so as not to harm the surface of your skin.

Wear good socks and gloves to keep your hands and feet warm to avoid the dreaded chilblains. The bad habit of holding hands or feet up to a radiator or heater causes problems, as sudden vasodilation makes ugly veins appear or leads to serious vascular problems.

Illa Carlemany