At illa Carlemany, we’re ringing in the holiday season with a great party

At illa Carlemany, we’re ringing in the holiday season with a great party

The illa Carlemany Shopping Centre is dressing up for the holidays. To share them with everyone and recover the longstanding tradition that was temporarily disrupted by the pandemic, on 1 December, starting at 6 pm, the centre will be holding a huge party with plenty to do.

The characters of the Club Piolet will be there to get things started

The celebration will begin at 6 pm with the arrival of the Club Piolet’s main characters, Piolet, Violet and Andi, who refuse to miss out on the fun. Faithfully keeping their date, they will be at illa Carlemany with all the children who visit the shopping centre, sharing their magic and joy, with photos, laughter, music and loads of surprises.

The magician Mag Lari will be the main guest host!

Next, the magician Mag Lari will be taking over at 7 pm, as an extraordinary and magical master of ceremonies. After conjuring up the magic of Christmas with his tricks and illusions, his show will conclude with the typical countdown that will officially kick off the holiday festivities at illa Carlemany. Three, two, one… Welcome to Christmas at Andorra’s centre!

Enjoy Christmas in all its glory at illa Carlemany

This festivity marks the start of a long month of celebrations. The shopping centre, as well as each individual shop and restaurant, will be all decked out for the holidays, making the atmosphere alone another great reason to enjoy the holiday season with illa Carlemany. And it makes all the sense in the world. Finally, to top it all off, Santa Claus and the Three Kings’ Postman will once again be stopping off at illa Carlemany. Family fun, activities and a wide range of services await all who make illa Carlemany their official gift supplier. For updates on all the centre’s events and activities, be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

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