At illa Carlemany, this summer, we’ve been going crazy!

At illa Carlemany, this summer, we’ve been going crazy!

We’ve been announcing it since June: at illa Carlemany we’ve been going crazy with promotions and gifts this summer, as we want this to be one of your best summers ever with us.

In July we thoroughly enjoyed the Cirque du Soleil show in Andorra and now in August, we will be revelling in the concerts of the Cerdanya Music Festival. And we want you to continue to enjoy it all with our prize draw for a €1,000 gift card!

Prize draw for a €1,000 gift card

Until 8 September, illa Carlemany will be offering the chance to win a €1,000 gift card to anyone who shops, eats or drinks at any of the shopping centre’s establishments. Bring your receipt to the customer service point on the ground floor, and you will receive one participation ticket for every €10 spent at illa Carlemany. It’s that easy! Feel free to check the terms and conditions of the promotion here.

So, stop into the illa Carlemany Shopping Centre and discover the discounts, preview the upcoming fashion trends for this autumn, savour the fabulous meat at Foster’s Hollywood and the refreshing salads at MyCorner and check out illa Carlemany’s latest food spot: Le Bistrot, an exclusive gourmet restaurant.

Choose the illa Carlemany Shopping Centre

There are plenty of reasons to choose the illa Carlemany Shopping Centre as a main hub for your stay in Andorra. There is no doubt that you’ll enjoy the country’s mountains, Romanesque art and adventure activities. But for shopping, you’ll definitely want to come to illa Carlemany, where you’ll find everything under one roof: parking, restaurants, cinemas and services, including admission sales for Caldea and the tourist bus. Because the illa Carlemany Shopping Centre is the Andorra’s centre. A safe, spacious, modern, convenient place for a great shopping experience.

And if you want to find out all we have in store for this summer at illa Carlemany, click on the following link or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on everything, all year long.

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