Your Sant Jordi 2019 top 5 reading list

Your Sant Jordi 2019 top 5 reading list

The 23rd of April is the day of Sant Jordi, or Saint George, and World Book Day. Every year, on this day, people give each other a rose or a book. It’s a traditional celebration of love, culture and friendship. Join us in this wonderful tradition! Here are some book titles recommended by us that you can give to someone you love and that will guarantee success.

La vigilia“, a novel by Marc Artigau, winner of the Josep Pla Prize 2019, centers around Raimon, a radio story writer who lives with his brother since the death of his parents. A listener orders him to write his biography which triggers this story about the great power of love.

Another fictional work we want to highlight is “Serotonine” The always polemic novelist, essayist and poet Michel Houellebecq (France, 1958) narrates the journey of Florent-Claude Labrouste that starts in Almeria and continues through Paris and Normandy. The protagonist, a man with an obsessive and self-destructive nature, is treated with an antidepressant that has adverse effects that will not help him at all during the changes in his life. A critical and provocative look at today’s western society.

We also recommend the international best-selling essay “Sapiens. A Brief history of Mankind“, which has already sold millions of copies. It’s a brief history of mankind explained by the Israeli historian and writer Yuval Noah Harari. From the knowledge provided by biology, anthropology, palaeontology and economics, the author uses the development of society, animals and plants to explain how man conquered the world by generating a lot of questions.

Aside from the newest publications, we also want to recommend the classic “The Little Prince” by French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, for both children and adults. The novel tells the story of a young prince who faces the world of adults and through metaphors makes us reflect on love, the value of friendship, selfishness, true beauty and fantasy.

Lastly, for the little ones, “The Colour Monster“, a very funny and emotional story.

This 23rd of April, give the gift of good stories. In the bookstore Llibre Idees d’Illa Carlemany you can find our recommendations and many more to celebrate Sant Jordi.

Throughout the day, on the ground floor of the mall, you can buy roses and books and there are special children’s activities from mid afternoon

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