The illa Carlemany gift card, a great solution!

The illa Carlemany gift card, a great solution!

With Christmas on the way, it’s time to start thinking about what we’ll be giving. Choosing a gift, never sure whether we’re getting the right size, the right book or the right perfume, for example, can be a headache and obviously calls for a lot of time. At illa Carlemany, Andorra’s centre, we have a great solution: the gift card.

It might seem an impersonal gift, bit it has lots of advantages, because the person who receives it is free to buy whatever they want or need, to suit their own tastes. Also, as it has a long expiry date, it can be used at sale time to get more for less, or at any other time of year.

Gift cards for a specific shop can only be used at that shop. The illa Carlemany gift card, on the other hand, lets you carry the whole shopping centre in your pocket, because it’s valid at all the shops, and even the cinemas, restaurants and cafeterias. This alone is a big advantage, because it means you have a wide range of possibilities to choose what you want and where to buy it. Also, it can be filled with up to €500, and the process of buying it at the Information and Customer Care Point on the ground floor is quick and easy.

So here you have it, a good, practical, complete solution. Don’t hesitate: the illa Carlemany gift card is the best gift for Christmas! 

Illa Carlemany