The pre-Christmas sales are twice the sales!

The pre-Christmas sales are twice the sales!

Because we know Christmas is a time for gifts, the sales come to the shopping centre before the festivities, to make your gifts twice the gifts! This is a time of year when there are lots of gifts, presents, personal and household accessories – it all adds up, so every little bit of help is welcome.  

Father Christmas depends on it, and the Three Kings even more so

Christmas is coming and Father Christmas depends on the sales to keep his spending on all those gifts under control. Saving a bit of money, whether it’s a little or a lot, always helps to cover that present list. The Three Kings have it easier, because they have more days to get everything we ask them for. They’re sure to manage it – and at the best price.

The pre-Christmas sales are also an advantage for those who like to dress up for New Year’s Eve: going out for dinner dressed in their best to see in the New Year will be a little bit cheaper for them, too.

For the sales, the gift card is twice the gift card!

If you’re given a gift card at sale time it’s worth even more. As the discounts build up, the amount on the card goes further. Even though the sales on winter sports gear start in the New Year, the long expiry date on the gift card means you can wait until then to invest the amount of the gift on boots, gloves or goggles to make it even more comfortable swooshing down the mountains of Andorra.

Illa Carlemany