The cinemas, an essential leisure option at illa Carlemany!

The illa Carlemany shopping centre is the ideal place for film buffs in Andorra. The modern facilities of Cinemes illa, located on level 2, offer a top-class viewing experience in all six cinemas, equipped with the latest projection and sound technology.

Last year, nearly 175,000 viewers enjoyed the excitement of the big screen, underlining the success of illa Carlemany’s commitment to cinema. This stands out for its varied programme, its central location and extra services like parking and a range of food options.

Seeing a film at home is convenient, but nothing beats the experience of seeing a blockbuster on the big screen with flawless sound and some delicious popcorn.

Films, concerts, opera and ballet

As well as films, there are also live concerts, opera and ballet. Now the range on offer has widened to include Saturday and Sunday matinée sessions to meet the demand from family audiences.

Services and advantages of Cinemes illa

From hiring a room for product launches to celebrating birthdays with friends and eating popcorn, Cinemes illa offers a wide range of services and advantages for groups and clubs.

Illa Carlemany