Discover the latest fashion trends for spring 2024at the illa Carlemany shopping centre, Andorra’s top shopping destination.

As the climate gets more and more unpredictable, fashion labels are going for radical changes in shapes and colours this season.

From giving up bright colours to a preference for sober prints and dark tones, with prominent shoulder pads harking back to the 80s and slim waists. Illa Carlemany offers its customers an exclusive advantage, the convenience of being able to buy all these trends in one place.

For women, highlights include crop trousers, shorts with a high waist and miniskirts, accompanied by polo necks and long socks in striking colours.

The latest offerings are very different from anything we have seen recently. For example, giving up the bright colours of good weather: sober prints and rather dark colours are gaining ground, and only baby blue will have a certain prominence.

For men, trends point to contrasting lengths, from vest-style T-shirts to long sleeves that even cover the hands. The use of fabrics like denim and an artisan touch set the tone for the season, with a palette of colours that includes khaki, vibrant oranges and other dusty tones.

Wearing denim from top to bottom, in the same tone and whatever the style, will be the very latest thing.

Don’t miss the latest fashion novelties at illa Carlemany, where modernity goes hand in hand with elegance and exclusiveness at Andorra’s centre.

Illa Carlemany