Find the perfect scent for your home at illa Carlemany

Find the perfect scent for your home at illa Carlemany

Aromatize your home: make it a cosy refuge this autumn

In autumn – a season of wind, rain and fewer daylight hours – the home becomes one of our favourite refuges. It is where we can restore warmth and create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, which we can also do by providing a pleasant scent for all our rooms.

Scented candles, essential oils, incense, sprays and sachets of aromatic herbs: these are what we need when we want to make the house, the closets, dressers and chests smell good.

Add warmth and personality to your home

Candles, increasingly made in a natural way and offering a wide variety of scents, bring warmth and a touch of elegance to the home. Essential oils, diluted in water, can also give each of our rooms a unique personality, vaporized with a burner, impregnated into wooden balls, diffused with a special electric device or using the wooden diffuser sticks known as mikados.

Burning incense has many fans, who associate it with tranquillity and spirituality. You can perfume curtains, pillows and upholstery with aromatic sprays, and a very good solution for drawers and closets are the sachets of lavender, spices and dried citrus fruit.

Find the ideal scent at Nature and Rituals, at illa Carlemany

Natura and Rituals are the stores in the shopping centre with the most solutions for aromatizing your home. While Rituals has global aromatherapy lines, which offer the same scent in all possible systems (candles, sprays, mikados, etc) so you can avoid mixtures and provide olfactory uniformity, Natura has a wide range of incense, among other possibilities. They offer extensive choice to suit all tastes, ranging from the most accentuated to the very subtle.

You’ll find everything you need for yourself and your home in the stores at illa Carlemany shopping centre.

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