Farm produce and handicrafts from Andorra, at illa Carlemany

Farm produce and handicrafts from Andorra, at illa Carlemany

12th to 14th October will see another edition of the Farm and Craft Products Fair at illa Carlemany, Andorra’s centre, with lovingly-made regional produce, linked to nature and rooted in mountain traditions.

Food, in two places

Food producers will be exhibiting in two places: at the entrance to illa Carlemany along the pedestrian avenue, and in the exhibitors’ area inside the shopping centre. Outside there will be a period food truck selling hams, conserves, honey, ratafia liqueur, farmhouse cheeses and typical Andorran cured meats, home-prepared according to traditional recipes. Inside, the range of food will concentrate on sweet products: those of one of Andorra’s top cake makers, with healthy products using top-quality ingredients, and those of a firm producing fresh bonbons and pure, intense chocolate, made at an altitude of 1,200 metres from one hundred percent natural ingredients. Two mouth-watering ideas!

Beer and mead

The Farm and Craft Products Fair also has room for drinks. This means you can taste the oldest of the three brands of craft beer made in Andorra, as well as discovering mead, an alcoholic drink made by fermenting honey – or the must made from honey – with water, sometimes flavoured with fruit or spices.

Looking after yourself

The other two options on offer at the Fair are related to flowers and plants. One consists of health-related solutions and products, a highlight among which is birch sap. The other is a natural cosmetics laboratory, which uses medicinal plants and wild flowers to create limited quantities of high-quality products with the aromas of our mountains.

Illa Carlemany