After-summer skin care

In the summer, our skin is exposed to hours of sun rays and sometimes even sun burns, high temperatures, the chlorine of pool water and the salt of the sea. All of this makes our skin lose vitality and health so we have to give it the care it deserves. We’re giving you some tips so your skin will be healthy and hydrated when summer is over.

Hydration routine. The end of the summer is the perfect time to start a routine that controls the dehydration of your skin. Do it twice a day and at least for a month after the summer holiday. The first step is to clean thoroughly with a facial cleanser and a tonic, apply a mask for intense hydration, a resting serum and day or night cream. If brown spots appear, it’s recommended to use products containing retinol.

Exfoliate. It’s also highly recommended at the end of summer that you exfoliate to eliminate dead cells and impurities to help the regeneration of your skin. Remember, don’t over-exfoliate, because you want to avoid a dry and scaly skin.

Check your skin. Once the summer is over, you need to give yourself a thorough skin check. Check if spots need extra care and if the size and shape of spots has changed or if new ones have appeared. If necessary, visit your dermatologist for a skin evaluation.

Sunscreen. Even though summer is over, your skin still needs sun protection throughout the year. Therefore, every time you go outside, you must continue using sunscreen. If you use creams that contain retinol, it is necessary to combine them with a high SPF sunscreen to prevent sunburns.

In addition to these guidelines, we recommend that you maximise your skin regeneration by using soft non-alkaline pH and high tolerance skin cleansers; opt for a moisturising body cream with moisturising components that help the water penetrate the skin easer while they simultaneously protect your skin to keep it from drying out. If there are particular areas where your skin is more damaged by the sun, use cosmetics with antioxidants like vitamin C and E.

These simple tips will help you prepare your skin for the winter. Remember that in the stores Júlia Perfumeria, l’Occitane en Provence and in the Galeno pharmacy you can find the beauty and cosmetic products most appropriate for your skin type and the advice you need to keep it healthy.

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