Enjoy autumn with illa Carlemany!

Enjoy autumn with illa Carlemany!

Despite changing weather, autumn is almost upon us. Goodbye to shorts, sleeveless tops and sandals. Hello to long sleeves, shoes and a different palette of colours, as well as looking for somewhere to savour some fine wine at the end of the day, enjoy the latest films every Friday or seek out the best midday meal. It’s autumn, time to carry on enjoying Illa Carlemany, Andorra’s top shopping centre.

Trends for ladies

Microshorts burst onto the scene

Pink is this season’s revelation, perhaps because of the mark made by the film Barbie. In different shades, it will be sharing the limelight with black and white spotted prints and checks, especially in tartan.

The garment of the moment is microshorts, despite the falling temperatures. Jeans will remain in, ties and men’s styles will be gaining ground, and wearing garments over one another in layers will be the order of the day. For celebrations and events, you’ll need a lingerie-inspired garment and one with feathers.

Ideas for men

Casual style consolidates its position

Since the pandemic the option of being comfortable has been on the rise. Casual dressing remains the choice for men, without sacrificing that personal touch and a touch of elegance. Wide garments are in, with a view to figures that have put on a few kilos over the summer.

illa Carlemany is your place, in autumn too

The centre has a gym, pharmacy and an establishment offering shoe repairs and alterations to clothing, as well as a wide range of fashion brands, footwear, accessories and sports equipment, plus a cinema, bookshops, cafeterias and restaurants to enjoy at any time in the format of your choice. Enjoy autumn at illa Carlemany!

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