At Christmas, at illa Carlemany, it’s twice the Christmas!

At Christmas, at illa Carlemany, it’s twice the Christmas!

At this time of year Andorra offers a packed programme of things to do and great atmosphere – especially at this shopping centre, the perfect place to enjoy all the magic of Christmas. Here at illa Carlemany we live the festivities so much that Christmas here is twice the Christmas!

Magical atmosphere

The majestic tree with its star presides over the shopping centre, the space around it recreating a Christmas village with its houses – including that of Father Christmas himself – and shops. An enormous tapestry with more than thirty thousand LED lights covers the ceiling. Every year the public is eager to discover the decorations at illa Carlemany, a magical setting that you simply must visit. It’s far better to see it rather than just hearing about it.

A must for children

If you want to enjoy Christmas with small children, there are a series of dates when you just have to come along to illa Carlemany.

— Saturday 16th December, at 11am, for the Club Piolet carol singing.

— Friday 22nd, from 5 to 8pm; Saturday 23rd, from 11am to 1pm and from 5 to 8pm, or Sunday 24th from 11am to 1pm, to hand in your letter to Father Christmas.

— Wednesday 3rd or Thursday 4th January, from 5 to 8pm, or Friday 5th from 11am to 1pm, to give your wish list to the Three Kings’ messenger.

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More things to make Christmas twice the Christmas!

We have longer opening hours on the days leading up to the public holidays in the first week of December, and from the week before Christmas until 6th January. This means there’s more time to visit our shops and find the perfect gift! A gift, by the way, that we’ll wrap for you with all the trimmings at our Customer Care Point: with gift tags, ribbons and bags to make it look its best, to make your gifts twice the gifts!

Illa Carlemany