With the illa Carlemany gift card, you can’t go wrong!

With the illa Carlemany gift card, you can’t go wrong!

The illa Carlemany gift card is without a doubt the most practical gift for Christmas or any other time of the year, giving you access to all the establishments of illa Carlemany right inside your pocket!

Giving the illa Carlemany gift card makes all the sense in the world

What is your father’s shoe size?” “What cologne does Joan usually wear?” “Will Elvira like this colour?”

How many times have you had these sorts of dilemmas when deciding on a gift? It isn’t exactly easy to get everyone’s tastes and preferences right. So, here at illa Carlemany, we’ve come up with the ideal solution: the gift card. With it, you are sure to get the right size, colour, print and model.

Easy to purchase, with plenty of time to enjoy it.

The illa Carlemany Shopping Centre gift card is available for purchase all year round at the Customer Service Point on the ground floor. Simply request it, set the value of the card, fill in the purchase form, and you can take it with you as you leave.

With a minimum value of €25 and a maximum of €500, this card can only be purchased via bank card and can be used at any of the establishments of the illa Carlemany Shopping Centre, including the shops, the restaurants and cafés, the cinema and the supermarket. The only exception to this is the car park.

The gift card comes wrapped in a package that can be personalised with the recipient’s name and can be used at any time within the validity period. Moreover, the user can check the card’s balance whenever they wish, by either visiting the Customer Service Point or at the Crèdit Andorrà cash dispensers on the ground floor.

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