Discover another Andorra with illa Carlemany

Discover another Andorra with illa Carlemany

Loads of attractions, for all types of tourism

Andorra offers a great range of attractions that make it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway, a long weekend trip, or a longer holiday. It is special because in a relatively small geographical space there is a lot to see and do, satisfying those who want to enjoy shopping, those who are crazy about nature, and those looking to do a bit of everything: mountains, shopping, sports, relaxation, and cultural heritage.

Cultural inspiration for your trip

Probably the most little known facet of Andorra, this small country is home to great cultural heritage. There are examples of religious and Romanesque art all over the place. The small villages, with their bustling streets, harbour secrets and curiosities of the local culture for visitors to discover. And some twenty museums, scattered throughout the various parishes, offer art, traditions and knowledge of the way of life in these valleys.

Get to know Andorra through its museums and monuments

Have you heard of Espai Columba? How about the Casa de la Vall? Do you know that there is a National Automobile Museum in Encamp? Do you want to get an idea of how people lived and made their living here, before the tourism boom?

illa Carlemany and Museus d’Andorra invite you to the national museums

Get free tickets from the shopping centre with your purchase receipt

From 28 October to 1 November (inclusive), present a purchase receipt from any establishment in the shopping centre, for a value of € 20 or more, at the customer service desk, and you will get two tickets to visit any of these national museums: Espai Columba, in Santa Coloma; Farga Rossell, in La Massana; National Automobile Museum, in Encamp; Casa d’Areny-Plandolit Museum, in Ordino; Casa de la Vall, in Andorra la Vella; Casa Rull, in Sispony

Illa Carlemany