Cinemes illa Carlemany, the cinemas of Andorra!

Despite changing habits due to online platforms and devices, enjoying a good film on the big screen is an epic, irreplaceable experience. Excellent sound and image quality is what’s on offer, among other things, at the only cinemas in Andorra: Cinemes illa, on the 2nd floor of the illa Carlemany shopping centre.

Films and more!

Opera, ballet, documentaries and concerts

The titles on offer change every week, with options that make up a great range of entertainment. But the bill at the shopping centre’s cinemas goes beyond just films, as every year a season of opera and ballet is offered, featuring live screenings of top productions, with famous names performing at the world’s leading opera houses. There are also regular live screenings of concerts by top-flight pop and rock artists. This is a great way to bring culture to audiences at a highly affordable price. While it isn’t the same as going to the Liceu in Barcelona or a major venue in London, it’s still a thrilling experience.

The bill is rounded off by a range of events organised by the cinema and by public and private institutions showing documentaries, sports finals or video games, often accompanied by debates and presentations in the presence of the artists involved.

In Catalan, in Spanish, in French, in the original version… and for all audiences

Screenings at the illa cinemas are largely in Spanish, but most new productions have a version dubbed or subtitled in Catalan that can also be seen, thanks to the agreement with the culture ministry. Like this cinema in Catalan also has a presence, and what’s more at half the price!

There’s also a place for original versions, films in French and seasons showcasing film landmarks.

Illa Carlemany