Autumn’s fashions, at illa Carlemany

Autumn’s fashions, at illa Carlemany

Discover the latest trends at illa Carlemany, our shopping centre

The display windows of the sixty or so fashion and accessories shops of the illa Carlemany shopping centre are already showing off the autumn collections for 2022. The trends showcased on international catwalks include new colours, shapes and fabrics to brave the cold with style and flair.

The colour of the season

We unveil the most fashionable colours featured in our shops at illa Carlemany

This season’s star colour will be pink. Though it has already triumphed this summer, for the autumn, fuchsia will be taking the top of the podium, closely followed by Pacific Ocean blue.

The most comfortable fabrics for women and men

Soft and flexible woollen fabrics will prevail in our shops

Knits ranging from simple dresses to pant suits and skirt-jumper combos will share the space with tweed. This soft and flexible woollen fabric native to Scotland comes in solids, plaids and herringbone patterns, offering elegance and distinction in blazers, coats, hats, and caps for both men and women.

The styles and looks that will be shaping women’s clothing

Preppy look

The preppy style features pleated miniskirts, hats and diamond-patterned sweaters, with a high-power 2000s feel.

Futurist and biker

This season the futuristic biker look will be in vogue, with gloves, jumpsuits and retro glasses. For its part, the oversized trend (two sizes larger than necessary) will remain and will be further exaggerated with XXL shoulder pads.

Women’s clothing essentials

Get the latest fashion pieces at illa Carlemany

This year’s must-haves are: basics like the white tank top, the corset, which is making a strong comeback, exaggeratedly high boots and the cape. Yes, the cape is back as an outer garment and it comes in every style imaginable, from boho chic to the most sophisticated. Not to be forgotten, the leather piece, in any colour, is still very much in fashion, just as it was last season.

Now that you know the current fashion trends, we invite you to take a stroll around our shopping centre and see that the autumn collections have filled the shops of Illa Carlemany, Andorra’s fashion centre.

Illa Carlemany