Who says handbags are only an accessory for women?

Who says handbags are only an accessory for women?

While the fashion world has presented the handbag as essential for women, it has also fought to change this convention, whether for the sake of social progress or to expand its market. In the late 1990s, handbags for men became a fashionable accessory thanks to the influence of famous, trend-setting men. And brands are well aware of this!

The history of the handbag is curious and surprising. Its origins seem to lie in ancient Egypt, as hieroglyphics show male figures carrying a kind of bag attached to their belt, probably to carry seeds or game they have hunted.

In the 14th century it was usual, among both men and women, to carry small leather bags closed with a  cord. In the case of men, these were to keep coins in, and in the case of women to show off social status, which was also revealed in the quality and quantity of embroidery on the bag.

It gradually became an accessory intended for women only, changing its appearance for better or worse to reflect social changes. It is still surprising, though, that such a feminine item was originally for men.

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