What to do if your mobile phone gets wet: At illa Carlemany we’ll tell you

What to do if your mobile phone gets wet: At illa Carlemany we’ll tell you

There are countless water-resistant mobile phone models on the market and you’ll find them at the J&M store, on the ground floor of illa Carlemany. Yet there are many phones that won’t work if they get wet. If your phone falls into the bath, sink, toilet or pool, be sure to act fast and stay calm. Don’t panic!

The likelihood of fixing a wet phone is high, but it’s crucial to remove the phone from the water immediately. It all depends on how long the phone is under water. The phone will most probably shut off as soon as it comes into contact with the water. If this is not the case, switch it off and take out the battery, if the specific model allows so, to prevent a short circuit.

Thoroughly dry it off, both inside and out. Remove the SIM card, memory cards and any pieces that cover openings and slots. Next, use a towel or microfiber cloth to dry off the outside of the phone. Do not under any circumstance, use paper, as the particles from it could block the openings and slots.

To remove any remaining water from inside the phone, put it in a bag and remove the air, creating a vacuum effect. And if you want to make extra sure that the inside dries out, leave it in a bowl of rice for a couple of days; this will absorb any remaining dampness. Bear in mind that if even the smallest drop of water remains inside the phone, none of these things will have been of any use. So, be patient and forget about your phone for a few days!

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