At illa Carlemany, you’ll find everything you need to care for yourself!

At illa Carlemany, an emblematic shopping enclave in Andorra, we invite you to discover a world of health and wellness. With a philosophy that focuses on personal care, the centre offers a range of services and facilities designed to help you stay in shape and pamper your body.

For starters, the gym NEXT, located in the very heart of the shopping centre, features modern facilities and a wide range of activities, making it the ideal place to get in shape. NEXT offers you the convenience of a flexible timetable that adapts to your schedule, from the early morning to late at night, so you can exercise whenever you want.

For a balanced diet, Caprabo supermarket is your ideal partner. With a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as natural and health food products, this supermarket has everything you need for a healthy diet.

And for those who prefer to eat out, MyCorner on floor 2 offers a unique culinary experience with its personalised salad concept, to guarantee that each dish suits your tastes and dietary needs.

After a busy day of activity, nothing beats the feeling of a relaxing massage. Centros Ideal, also located on floor 2, is the place to go for a treatment fit for a king. With a range of therapeutic and beauty-focused massages, here you can treat yourself to an hour of pure relaxation and personal care.

In a word, at illa Carlemany, you’ll not only find the best options to look after and feed your body in a healthy way, but you’ll also find a place where your wellbeing and comfort are a priority. Come and enjoy pampering yourself while getting fit and nurturing the most precious treasure you have: your health!

Illa Carlemany