Welcome back to Andorra!

As of today, with the end of the state of emergency decreed by the Spanish Government, nationals and residents of Spain, Andorra’s southern neighbour, can once again cross the border into the Principality. This marks the end of a rather strange situation, for even though the borders were not officially kept closed, in practice, visitor entry into Andorra was not permitted.

Although the passage of goods did not stop during the coronavirus pandemic, in Andorra the restrictions on the entry of tourists were not lifted until 1 June. Nevertheless, on that date, only the French could come back to enjoy Andorra. Now, the neighbours to both the north and the south can once again enjoy the country in the Pyrenees.

Thanks to its location, Andorra is a major tourist destination virtually right next door for the people of both Catalonia and Occitania; two regions that share historic moments and close cultural ties with the Principality, as passage across the border in both directions has been a constant through the years.

Once again, Andorra is opening up to delight visitors with its summits, lakes and trails, enabling them to take in the Romanesque architecture, savour the high-mountain cuisine and enjoy shopping, among many other attractions.

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