Everyone loves trainers. Especially at illa Carlemany!

Everyone loves trainers. Especially at illa Carlemany!

For years now, trainers have been the footwear that conquered all: catwalks, shop windows, discotheques, and offices all around the world. Who would have thought it! Initially developed for sports – where they are progressively more specialized – classic trainers have gradually become a part of everyday urban style, synonymous with comfort, and with ever-higher prices and serious marketing, to the point that successful models sell out and some even become collector’s items.

The success of the trainer

In its more recent history, there are several reasons for the success of the trainer: the big brands have pushed trainers beyond the strictly sporting sphere, luxury brands have incorporated them into their product ranges, and the young and rebellious spirit that always went along with the style has been subtly introduced to a public that is neither young nor rebellious. With these three ingredients, the trainer has been democratized.

Iconic models in the world of fashion

Some models of trainer have become true icons. Popularised thanks to sport, cinema, the worlds of fashion or music, with key figures lending their names and surnames to the products, the Nike Air Jordan, the Adidas Stan Smith and Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, for example, are cult models. Absolute classics, initially created for a specific purpose, they have become extremely successful, spurred on by special moments, names and trends such as basketball players, the Olympic Games, rappers and skateboarders, and the return of retro style.

Will trainers finally kill off high heels?

The prevailing desire for comfort when it comes to clothing and footwear – even more pronounced since the pandemic – has meant that athleisure and trainers, with tweaks and touches, have taken over. Do trainers ultimately spell the end for dizzying stilettos and well-shined shoes? Time will tell, but for now the shopping centre has everything you need and more at stores such as Tango, Alex Boutique, Geox, Timberland, Munich, Haglöfs, Salomon and Skechers, just to name a few.

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