To reduce the effects of indulgence, choose sport and a healthy diet!

To reduce the effects of indulgence, choose sport and a healthy diet!

A few months ago, in anticipation of the summer, we set our sights on getting that “beach body”. And now that the warm weather is on its way out and we’re almost back to business as usual, it’s time to cleanse our bodies of the summer indulgences and pick up the pace again. One good way to make that happen is to join the shopping centre’s gym, Next, and go back to eating a healthy, balanced diet at regular times, with wholesome ingredients like those offered at Caprabo supermarket on floor 0.

When you join Next gym, the staff will check your weight, muscle mass and the sites of fat build-up, among other details. They will also meet with you personally to find out your goals, learn of any possible medical concerns to be taken into account when preparing your exercise schedule and assess your availability and the amount of time you can spend in the gym. The professionals at Next will then use that information to draw up a customised sports routine that takes into account your health, wellbeing and overall predisposition. The gym team constantly offers support and recommendations, monitoring each person’s progress individually.

Moreover, if you combine a balanced diet with the regular practice of sport, there is no doubt you’ll achieve your goals. For this reason, we recommend Caprabo’s produce, meat and fish sections. Caprabo supermarket offers quality fresh ingredients and when those foods are properly combined in the right quantities, your body will get everything it needs.

By practicing sport and sticking to a wholesome and healthy diet, the extra holiday weight is sure to just melt away! 

Illa Carlemany