This autumn, enjoy Andorra!

Andorra is a truly place to be enjoyed all year round, as each season has a special charm of its own. Whether it’s dressed in winter white, springtime greens or the current earthy yellows, browns and deep reds of autumn, this country offers a magnificent display of nature all year long. Although the days are now considerably shorter, the pleasant midday temperatures still allow for enjoyable outings into the mountains.

Andorra is unquestionably nature, yet it’s also so much more. It’s a great showcase for gastronomy, with specialty dishes and mountain wines, as well as more daring proposals, cooked up with the imported airs of other places and other cultures.

And Andorra is also culture, which can be enjoyed in museums that display everything from antique cars and miniatures, to the daily life of these valleys in past eras, and even some of the biggest names in painting.

For its part, the Romanesque is represented here by the many small churches that dot the entire region of this country nestled in the Pyrenees. Particularly noteworthy is the Espai Columba, which features Romanesque paintings and explains the meaning of religious symbology and the techniques used to decorate places like the apse of the Church of Santa Coloma, one of the few sites that boast a circular bell tower.

Hotels at the foot of the mountain and in the middle of the city provide extensive lodging options in a country where it’s virtually impossible not to fall into the temptation of shopping. After all, the district around Avenues Carlemany and Meritxell offers a plethora of fashions, accessories, footwear, technology, jewellery, watches, perfumes, cosmetics, food and more… And in the very heart of this great pedestrian area sits illa Carlemany, Andorra’s centre, where you’re sure to enjoy a pleasant, convenient, safe and well-cared-for area full of designer shops, restaurants and cafés, along with the only cinemas in Andorra… and if the weather begins to cool down, you’ll always find the ideal temperature right there.

This autumn, too. See you there!

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