The seventh art returns to illa Carlemany

Following the forced lockdown period, Cinemes illa Carlemany just reopened their doors on 5 June; of course, with all the necessary safety and prevention measures to combat coronavirus in Andorra.

The return of the movies has enabled the revival of the iconic figure of the usher, who seats the viewers in the theatre, ensuring compliance with the required distancing between occupied seats. Hence, admission tickets are not numbered. What’s more, viewers are encouraged to pay via card.

Cinemes illa Carlemany is moreover promoting online ticket sales, by offering discounted prices for all online sales purchased in advance. This makes it easier to distribute the viewers throughout the theatre and ensure maximum safety.

Protective screens have been installed at both the ticket booths and the snack bar and the sweets are now sold in bags, rather than in bulk. Viewers are required to wear masks outside of the theatres and will find hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrance to each theatre, as well as in the restrooms, which have also been equipped with recycled paper towel dispensers, to dry their hands.

Finally, the cleaning and disinfection tasks have been significantly stepped up at the end of each showing in each of the six theatres. For this reason, there are now three daily showtimes per theatre, rather than four


In a word, for the return of the seventh art to the screens of Cinemes illa Carlemany, we’ve made your safety our highest priority!

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