The sales are already happening at illa Carlemany!

The Andorra 2020 summer sales have arrived early. After the forced closure of many of the shops in illa Carlemany due to the coronavirus, all the establishments are now open, with sales signs hanging in their windows.

As an exception and given the situation generated by the COVID-19 lockdown in Andorra, the government has moved the discounts forward. Without a doubt, this is a great opportunity to go out and get that article of clothing that you intended to buy before but never did, as the stores were all closed. Now, with the reopening of everything and the sales in place, this is the perfect time to buy the jacket you wanted, that summer polo shirt or those cool and comfortable shoes. And then go out and show them off!

With the opening of the borders between Spain, France and Andorra, this will be the ideal time to go up to the Principality and rediscover the trends of the designer brands at illa Carlemany, Andorra’s centre. Lively, cheerful, cool and practical colours for this summer that is just starting, as we all leave those strange days of confinement behind, in the past.

Nevertheless, please remember that you must continue to take measures to keep the coronavirus from spreading in Andorra: be sure to respect social distancing; wear a mask when accessing the shops of illa Carlemany; and use hand sanitiser, which you will find in many different places in the shopping centre. All the businesses of illa Carlemany guarantee the safety of their shop spaces, as they all comply with and have even stepped up the hygiene and disinfection measures recommended by the health authorities.

The 2020 summer sales at Andorra’s illa Carlemany are definitely a safe treat!

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