Cool hairstyles to try this season

Cool hairstyles to try this season

When the weather changes, so should your look. Since you love knowing what are the latest spring and summer trends, here are the best hair trends and hairstyle ideas you’ll see everywhere. We’ve rounded up ways to style your hair that best suits you. We have styles for all types and fashions, some are elegant and some are very bold. Maybe not all of these styles will work for you, but surely they’ll at least inspire you to find that one perfect look.

Short hair

What better way to start the summer than with a fresh haircut. If your hair’s already short, make it work. If you’re thinking about cutting it, be bold! With a pixiecut you’ll be up-to-date and don’t forget that the number of variants is huge. You can try a pixie with long side bangs or with a little more length, which will give you some more styling options. In any case, it’s always a very practical day-to-day hairstyle, but if you have a party you can also look very elegant. For example, apply gel and get that slicked back, sophisticated look. If you like extreme hairstyles, you can go with a shaved side pixie style so you’ll need less time in front of the mirror to get ready.

Mid-length hair

If you don’t want to to cut your hair short, these no-fuss hairstyles will never go out of style and make you look sleek and stylish. Just add volume to change your hairstyle. You can even play with combined textures in one look, a wavy lob to add volume and mobility, and smooth the rest down to the sides.

Long hair

While long hair is less comfortable during the summer, you do have a lot more hairstyling options. This year’s trend are smooth extra longlayers, so start thinking about extensions, but also asymmetrical, which requires more care for a good result. Long hair can get too hot during the summer months, so we’re giving you a few tips for summer updos that’ll keep you cool. For example, a high twisted bun with loose wavy strands  or an updo that really shows off your face combined with a light and natural makeup.

Choose your new look! Your team of hairdressers at Franck Provost at Illa Carlemany is ready to give you the best professional care and show you the best products so you can triumph this spring and summer with your new hairstyle.

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