The cold and the skin in winter

It’s a well-known fact that winter affects the whole body, including the skin. Certain parts of the body are especially exposed to the weather: in particular, the hands, cheeks, lips, and part of the neck. These are the areas most sensitive to the cold and must be taken care of.

Moisturising the skin every day, several times a day, is essential. The lips, too, as they are one of the parts that suffer most from the effects of the cold and ultraviolet light. On bright days, if you’re going to be in snowy areas, wearing sunscreen and sunglasses is absolutely essential, as snow reflects 80% of solar radiation!

It is also advisable to avoid sudden changes in temperature: going from the severe outdoor cold to a very warm indoor environment is conducive to the appearance of dilated capillaries on the cheeks, that typical redness. And for people who are particularly susceptible to chilblains, wearing good gloves may be worthwhile.

A particularly sensitive issue this season is hand hygiene. Frequent hand washing is essential to avoid COVID-19, but be kind to this part of your body: whenever possible, it is better to use cold or warm water and soap, rather than hydroalcoholic gel, which contains components that dry out the skin a lot. If using the latter, it is advisable to then moisturise your hands with a hypoallergenic cream.

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