The best version of you,  at illa Carlemany’s specialised beauty shops

When we hear the word “beauty”, we think of sculpted bodies and wrinkle-free faces, but reality is different. Yet when we fully accept and respect the passage of time—after all, time goes by for everyone and there is no turning it back—, beauty is also synonymous with being radiant each day.

Improving your physical appearance gives you satisfaction, and a well-balanced diet and practicing sport, albeit moderately, will help you achieve this goal. To round off that formula, you need only listen to experts in skin-, hair- and body-care products. Remember, the most expensive or extravagantly made products are not necessarily the best. All it takes is the right product or treatment and the desire to feel radiant, to get the best version of yourself.

The shops at illa Carlemany—Parafarmàcia Galeno, L’Occitane en Provence, Júlia perfume shop, Franck Provost hairdresser’s and the Centros Ideal hair removal centre, which recently opened on floor 2—all work with teams of professionals who really know the products and the benefits they offer. This means there’s no need to fill the bathroom shelves with endless treatments that promise quick and miraculous results. Recommending the best thing for each individual person is their job. And allowing yourself to be guided by professionals is a good first step to getting the best version of yourself.

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