Summer sales are here at illa Carlemany!

Summer sales are here at illa Carlemany!

Next Saturday, the 25th[mc1] , the summer sales officially begin in Andorra, which means that most of the shop windows of the more than 60 brand-name stores at illa Carlemany – the centre of Andorra – will be advrtising special offers on items for the hottest season.

As always, the sale season arrives in Andorra earlier than in neighbouring countries, especially those to the south. Which is one more incentive for a getaway, because while Andorra’s commercial offer is already attractive – given the range of brands and its concentration around the pedestrian axis of Meritxell and Carlemany avenues – the summer sales will brighten your shopping experience even more.

From shoes to clothes and accessories, after next Friday, all summer products will be on sale at discount prices. And there’s still plenty of summer left to wear everything you buy!

The sales period normally lasts approximately three months. And just as the sales start earlier in Andorra, the autumn-winter range is also available earlier. Even in August, some mid-season pieces will appear in the shop windows, perfect for the cool evenings at the end of the month or through September.

For the time being, however, enjoy the summer sales in the centre of Andorra, at illa Carlemany!

 [mc1]Es correcto? Sería el virenes, no?

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