Springtime, fashion changes

Springtime, fashion changes

Spring officially begins on the afternoon of 20 March. This is synonymous with gradually increasing hours of light. Though the days are still chilly, we’re on the road to warmer temperatures. To top off your look, the latest trends in clothing, footwear and accessories, dictated by the catwalks of New York, Paris and Milan, are taking over the shop windows of illa Carlemany. Whatll you find there? We’ll fill you in below!


For men, fashion is revisiting the 2000s!

Low-rise, wide-leg trousers that show off underwear waistbands; oversized pieces that give the impression of almost wearing your father’s clothes; and showing more skin than ever, with mesh and open-weave tops and very short shorts. This, as well as wearing the same hue of denim from head to toe, essentially sums up the trends for men.

Add to that the tireless life of comfy sweatswhich came in during the pandemic—yet which are now taking on a 1980s air; and relaxed, loose-fitting suits. And, to the surprise of many, the return of dresswear’s quintessential piece: the tie.

All in sorbet colours, with flashes of neon and saturated tones, plant prints and apparently impossible, mismatched pieces, combining stripes and plaids.


The latest colours, fabrics and shapes for women

Cobalt blue will be prevailing this season, while also allowing for sweet, childish pink and pastel tones in pieces made with sequins. Abounding will be realist floral prints and heart motifs, as well as long fringe on sleeves and dresses.

Women’s fashions will also be showing off a bit more skin: low waistlines on trousers, shorts, and skirts, with lightweight, ethereal textures, overlapping transparencies, to offer a glimpse of the undergarments beneath. In fact, it’s precisely the weaves and lace characteristic of attractive undergarments that will be marking the eveningwear trends.

The women’s styles will be featuring items with exaggerated pockets, full-length dresses resembling those of Greek goddessesemphasising the waist and shoulders, and garments resembling historical pieces, like bodices, petticoats and ruffles, to accentuate the hips.

Illa Carlemany