Save battery charge on your mobile phone

Save battery charge on your mobile phone

The features of a mobile phone and its battery size have a great bearing on how long the battery will last. As far as battery consumption goes, Android is a heavy operating system, yet it has functions and options that can optimise it. 

The screen uses a great deal of the battery’s energy and if the brightness level is high, it will use still more. Hence, the dark mode makes it so that the pixels of the dark area —the background— also switch off. You can also activate airplane mode if you don’t need an active network. This way, if you find yourself in a place with little mobile service, you prevent the phone from constantly searching for the best signal and trying to maintain a data connection while increasing the power used to capture the signal from the nearest antenna.

When a phone constantly searches for a powerful nearby network to provide high-speed connectivity, the battery is also affected. Though the automatic search is useful, if your battery is running low or if you don’t have an external one, the best option is to deactivate it. You can also save your battery charge by deactivating the Google assistant.

And here is yet another trick: connect to a Wi-Fi network, which usually uses less energy. The phone is designed to connect to the fastest available network —generally, the phone will select 4G over 3G. However, if it uses the 3G network for calls and the 4G network for mobile data, therefore simultaneously connecting to two networks, the additional power use will skyrocket.

These solutions will prolong the battery life of the mobile phones that you can buy with total trust at J&M Electrònic Store, on the ground floor of illa Carlemany, Andorra’s Centre.

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