Enjoy San Juan in Andorra

Enjoy San Juan in Andorra

Celebrating the summer solstice is a good example of the open character that characterizes the cultures around the Mediterranean. Here are some suggestions for enjoying Andorra over the special weekend of San Juan, to experience the fiestas of the Pyrenees surrounded by nature, combined with the urban and cosmopolitan flavour of a visit to the illa Carlemany shopping centre, for example.


To be discovered!

Shows worth seeing

On the night of 23 June, all over the Pyrenees, an ancestral tradition is celebrated that in 2015 was added to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: the burning of Les Fallas. This is enjoyed throughout most of the country, but it is in the capital – in the Old Quarter of Andorra la Vella – where the fireballs fly with the greatest joy above the falleros and onlookers.

And as the total nature of Andorra reveals a different face every season, this is also a great time to discover the spectacle of its landscapes, the peaks and the lakes, inaccessible for much of the year due to the snow. At the specialty stores in illa Carlemany you’ll get expert advice on the best sports equipment to get hold of to make these memorable excursions!


Latest fashions and tourist services in the centre of Andorra

For fashion lovers: sales!

One more reason to visit Andorra: the summer sales start on 23 June. The sale season lasts until the beginning of September but, as fans of the latest fashions know, it’s always first come, first served!

Also, at the shopping centre’s Customer Service and Information Point you can find out about and get tickets for most tourist attractions, with special offers available in most cases. Whether you want to go on foot, by bike, on ice, or in a tourist bus. Enjoy the best jazz, or hot springs, or museums… There’s a great range of activities on offer.

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