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The countdown begins for Illa Carlemany’s 20 December sales, which will give way to the new winter season. Find gifts and everything else you need at very affordable prices. In this post we’ll mention some of this winter’s trends to help you select which clothes and accessories to buy. This way, you can show off your looks and be fashionable.

Very popular women’s fashion trends are long lammy coats, layers and ponchos, since these are considered very elegant. Plaid and leather pants and coats continue to be other good options to shine during the winter, as well as feathers. On the other hand, flared or high-waisted pants are used to create a more comfortable style. Finally, to complete your style, high boots, XXL jewellery, berets and sparkles are the perfect accessories.

Men on the other hand will continue to wear suits accompanied by long coats hitting mid-shin, knitted sweaters and thick sole boots or, during the most special occasions, ankle boots. For everyday situations, shirts, jeans and black pants are the more basic pieces for men. In addition, oversized, thick knit sweaters with round necks, v-necks or classic crew necklines are must haves with matching shirts or T-shirts underneath. Despite this simple style, flowy fabrics and printed fabrics, for example flowers or leopard, are the other more daring options. Finally, accessories such as fanny packs, extra long shawls, hoodies and belts are definite must-haves this season.

If you already want to buy this winter’s fashion pieces, come visit Illa Carlemany’s stores and show off your outfits. In addition, we’ll make it easier for you, from 16 to 23 December the stores are open until 9 pm, except on Sunday 22  December, when they’re open until 8 pm. We look forward to seeing you!

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