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If what you want is to pamper yourself and disconnect, Andorra has countless different options for you. One is to enjoy nature and escape the hustle and bustle of the big city; yet another is to enjoy the wellness centres and the treatments they offer.

Caldea is the Andorran spa that brings together relaxation and fun. A hot springs tourism site with places for people of all ages, where water, in its different forms –ice, steam, cold water and pressurised hot water– is the main star.

Since its initial opening in 1994, Caldea has become the largest spa in southern Europe, with 30,000 m2of space designed for relaxation.

Cascades, bubbles and hydromassage jets are just a few of the ways to enjoy the natural water that forms the heart of this spa centre. With a natural temperature of 70º C, this water is rich in sulphur and other minerals.

The Origins space at Caldea is designed to stimulate the senses, with a zen atmosphere. This space stands out for its variety of thermal baths, which include the Aztec bath, the grapefruit bath and the outdoor whirlpools with mountain views. A hammam and a sauna, as well as an outdoor sundeck, make this area complete.

The youngest members of the family also have their place in Caldea: Likids. Designed for children between ages 3 and 8, this is a place where the kids are always accompanied by monitors who guide them in their discovery of the spa, with fun games, activities, whirlpools and more.

Each day at 9:40 pm, Caldea offers a pass, which, aside from the regular enjoyment of the facilities, enables visitors to see a show in the pool area, where the day is rounded off by light and sound.

Located inside of the Caldea building is Inúu. This is a different concept, focused on individual wellness, in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. In addition to an indoor lagoon and an outdoor hot spring lagoon, with water chairs with pressurised jets to massage the different parts of the body and cascades, the space offers individual treatment cabins and a wide range of treatments to choose from.

Admission tickets to Caldea and Inúu and their specific activities are available for purchase at the illa Carlemany shopping centre Customer Service and Information Point. There are certain advantages to buying the tickets here, such as a discounted price, no waiting in lines, and more.

And for relaxation, we also recommend the Hotel Spa Termes Carlemany. Located in Escaldes-Engordany, at the very end of Avinguda Carlemany, not far from the illa Carlemany shopping centre, this hotel was built in the 1960s and was one of the first to offer hot springs among its services. This practice, locally known as “anar a fer les aigües” (roughly, “going to take in the waters”), brought people to visit Andorra for long periods of time.

Today totally refurbished, the hotel continues to offer its service and waters, which, rich in minerals, calcium, sodium and iodine, are one of its main attractions, along with all the other facilities for wellness, which include a wide range of spa treatments.

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*The facilities of Caldea. Photo courtesy of Caldea.

Illa Carlemany