To enjoy the products and cuisine of the local land

Did you know that high-altitude wine is made in Andorra? And artisan beer? Well, these are simply some of the local products from the land that you can taste here in “the country of the Pyrenees”.

As to the wines, the different Andorran wineries have managed to make use of the altitude and rugged land to produce varieties like Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Albariño, among others. At the illa Carlemany shopping centre, you can taste and buy these wines at Cal Marquet, a small temple of wine, liqueurs, caves and Champagnes.

The Alpha and Boris beer brands are also made in Andorra. Each of brand offers different varieties, all of which are made following traditional methods. You will find them all in the beverages section of Caprabo supermarket, in the illa Carlemany shopping centre.

This supermarket also offers the local ratassia liqueur, jams made with local fruit and high-mountain honey. When there, be sure to visit the butcher section and ask about the local cured meats (embotits) that are made in Andorra and the quality local meat, which is a major staple of Andorran cuisine. Look out for the veal marked with the IGP stamp (which stands for “Protected Geographic Indication”), as well as the beef, lamb, goat and horse meat, with the stamp “Carn de qualitat controlada d’Andorra” (“Andorra quality-controlled meat”).

Each year, the illa Carlemany shopping centre hosts a marketplace of locally grown and crafted products, organised by the Government of Andorra, in collaboration with the local growers and craftspeople. This market is usually held in October, as it is then that certain products are at their height of production. With this initiative, the illa Carlemany shopping centre aims to support and promote these local products among everyone in general, and particularly among the visitors.


Illa Carlemany