illa Carlemany, engaged with the country

illa Carlemany, engaged with the country

The calling of serving as a landmark has led the shopping centre to engage actively and directly with Andorra and its community. How? By taking on commitments that support culture and sport, doing its part in terms of sustainability and environmental conservation, and taking part in charitable causes that demand verve and visibility. In a word, since day one, illa Carlemany has been working to help improve our country. This is what corporate social responsibility is all about and it forms part of the DNA of illa Carlemany.


With sport and culture

Concerts, artist exhibitions, support for cultural initiatives, museum promotion, sponsorship of the annual Cursa Popular running race on Sports Day for All, and participation in both the Cursa de la Dona women’s race and the Andorra Ski Club. These are just a few examples of the many things that illa Carlemany does to contribute to culture and sport. Keeping the society alive means keeping the shopping centre alive, and giving back to the country all that the country gives to it.


And with nature

A country largely dominated by nature is indeed worthy of respect. Every little effort helps to create a greener country. For this reason, illa Carlemany was the country’s first and only shopping centre to join the FEDA Green Light programme, which certifies that the energy consumed comes from renewable sources.


A long tradition of partnering with NGOs

Gratitude, recognition, raising awareness, involvement… Tasks and concepts of the charitable organisations with which illa Carlemany identifies and which are the foundation for many different long-term partnerships.

The latest cooperative project, with the Associació de Trasplantats i Donants d’Andorra (ATIDA, the Association of Transplant Patients and Donors of Andorra)

Raising public awareness of the importance of becoming an organ donor. This is the aim of the exhibition organised by ATIDA and hosted by the shopping centre until the end of January. A photographic exhibit of those who have been given a second life thanks to the generosity of the donors.



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