How to get ready for snow sports season

It’s autumn already and we’re getting closer to cold days. So, it’s time to get ready for the new snow sports season in Andorra.

A lot of snow sports injuries happen because of insufficient training and preparation in the months leading up to snow sports season. If we don’t exercise during the rest of the year, we’re more likely to get injured when we’re on the slopes, since skiing and snowboarding are both quite demanding sports.

To maintain and improve resistance and strengthen our lungs, it’s recommended to exercise at least 2 months prior to the start of the snow sports season. A good option is to go mountain bike riding so we can work on our joints and practice balance. Mountain biking also helps to improve our coordination and increases our ability to orientate the mountain. Another highly recommended sport is running. In particular mountain running because it helps us prepare for the impacts and irregularities of the terrain.

As far as aerobic exercise is concerned, you might think that training exclusively the legs and the knee area is sufficient, but in snow sports you use a lot of different muscles. It’s important to focus on strengthening the legs, but also the hamstrings, glutes and adductor muscles. Specific gym machines can really help training them.

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