Glasses, a fashion accessory

Glasses, a fashion accessory

Glasses, both sunglasses and spectacles to correct your eyesight, have become a fashion accessory. If shoes, a handbag, a ring or a scarf express the way you are, glasses do too. They are another way of defining your style. Designers, fashion houses and manufacturers are well aware of this, and they therefore create collections, set trends and update shapes, materials and colours year after year.

When you choose glasses you need to bear in mind a series of aesthetic factors when choosing just the right model. Thus, if you have a round face, it is not a good idea to choose round glasses – you’re better going for squarer ones. If on the other hand you have a longer face, the best thing is a model that’s wider rather than high. And glasses that rise at the ends stylise your face.

Regarding the material, airframe or metal frames are lighter and less obtrusive. If you choose a plastic frame, you should be aware that these bring out facial features more or less depending on their thickness. Logically, the thicker or bigger they are, the more they mark the features. It’s more or less the same with the colour: a bright one, like red, highlights your features more; black less so.

At Alain Afflelou opticians on level 0, staff will advise you on lenses and frames. If you’re looking for just the right sunglasses, at Quars (ground floor) you’ll find a wide assortment of top fashion brands. If you want them for sports, then go to Oakley (ground floor).   

At illa Carlemany, Andorra’s stop shopping centre, you can find experts to advise you on choosing the glasses you need!

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