This summer, show off your illa Carlemany giveaway bag!

This summer, show off your illa Carlemany giveaway bag!

The illa Carlemany shopping centre is offering a giveaway bag with your purchases this summer, and it is sure to become your number one companion! Whether you’re picking up a few things in the supermarket at illa Carlemany, buying something on sale at one of the boutique stores, or selecting a good wine at Bistrot. When you head to the swimming pool, the beach or the river with a towel, sunscreen and a good holiday read. Or when you’re enjoying a long summer evening, after watching a good movie in the cinema. There’s no doubt about it, the illa Carlemany bag is going to be the essential thing to show off this summer wherever you go.

An exclusive design

The bag is made of cotton, and printed all over with drawings by Cecília Santañes made exclusively for illa Carlemany. This local illustrator has recreated, with her personal and unmistakable stroke and style, the idyllic scenery of a summer in Andorra, with characteristic features such as the typical daffodils, mountain peaks, elements of nature and the Romanesque.

How do I get one?

It’s easy. Come to our Customer Service Point on the ground floor with two receipts for purchases from any of the establishments in the shopping centre, including for food and drinks, totalling at least €100. The receipts and amounts will be checked, stamped and returned to you with your bag – only one per person, so that more people can enjoy one of the 1,000 units available!

What if I only have one purchase receipt?

If you only have one purchase receipt from a store in the shopping centre you can still get the bag, as long as the total amount is more than €150. The procedure is the same: show the receipt at the Customer Service Point to have it verified, stamped and returned to you with your gift. Once again, only one bag per person is given away.

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