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This year’s summer holidays have been a bit strange because of covid-19, but that hasn’t stopped us from giving into the temptations of ice cream, beer, paella and dinners beneath the stars, albeit in small groups of family or friends. And like every other year, when the summer reaches its final stretch and everything returns to normal—the new normal, that is—, we realise that all the sweet things and flavoursome foods and drinks have taken their toll. That is when it’s time to get back into physical activity and start eating a more balanced diet. And it’s really important to keep a positive mindset, as opposed to viewing our healthy lifestyle as a boring routine.

There are those who take refuge in the gym to avoid the post-holiday blues. Whatever the case, it is essential to set realistic goals and discuss them with professional trainers. The monitors at Next, illa Carlemany’s gym (on floor 2), will help you choose the right activities, classes and sports routines to help you progress each day, tailoring solutions your specific needs.

Food is another important matter. Aside from choosing a vegetable-based diet with products that provide healthy fats like nuts, avocados, blue fish and olive oil, it is also advisable to eat five meals a day to avoid being anxiously hungry at lunch or dinner time. It’s a good idea to eat something in the late morning and at afternoon snack time.

There is no reason to obsess, but if we face it with enthusiasm, we’re sure to get back to the ideal weight that we were at before the summer. And not just for aesthetic reasons, but for our health!

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