Get in shape for summer at illa Carlemany!

Along with the good weather, comes the rush to shed those extra kilos we’ve put on over winter. Our heads are in our hands when we realise we need a size bigger in clothes or find we can’t fit into our swimming trunks. As we all know, the solution is a healthy diet and, especially now, regular exercise. Of course, it is important to do sport constantly throughout the year, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for our general health.

Joining Next gym at illa Carlemany is a smart choice, and an even smarter one if you do it now in April or May, as they have a great special on offer: free registration, a free massage, and an InBody assessment, among other advantages.

Beyond this one-off special offer, there are a lot of great features to Next membership, including spacious and well-equipped facilities, good professionals, a wide range of supervised classes, extensive opening hours seven days a week – so you can access the facilities all day long – and a privileged location: in the centre of the largest pedestrian shopping area in the country, on the first floor of the illa Carlemany shopping centre, which has a car park, toilets, supermarket, cinemas, cafés, restaurants, and more than 60 brand-name shops, including sports equipment.

Who needs any more convincing?

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